Working with a Professional Wedding Celebrant means you can separate the “legal” from the “ceremonial” and are free to hold a truly personalised Wedding Ceremony that allows you to relax and be fully involved in your ceremony.  We write your story, your way. Together we create a ceremony which can be traditional or modern and as there are no restrictions on time, place and content, we can include your guests too!   Your vows can be traditional or created just by you, for you.  There is no need to follow any “standard” text and I am here to guide and advise you on writing your own vows if you wish. 

Perhaps you’d like to say your vows in a favourite place?  You could make your promises to each other in a fabulous local venue, on the beach, on a boat , in a forest, at home in your garden or almost anywhere you wish.  I can conduct ceremonies outdoors in parks and by lakes and they can also be in any licensed or unlicensed premises. We can include children and family members into the ceremony, making it a truly special event for everyone to remember. I can promise you, it will be totally different from anyone else’s wedding ceremony! I am happy to discuss ideas with you, answer any questions, and look forward to helping you have the perfect Wedding Day and Ceremony that you have dreamed of! I am also a fully qualified and experienced Event Planner - so can help you in every way you need to have the wedding you dream of. 

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Getting married and the Legal bit.

To legally marry in England involves a very short civil signing event at a Registry Office, where you make a 32 word Declaration and sign your legal Marriage Contract, in front of two witnesses.  Fees vary but are often between £45 and £60 for a Standard Signing only Ceremony. You don’t even have to dress up if you don’t want to, or exchange rings at this stage if you want to save that for the privately conducted celebratory ceremony, led by your Celebrant. This register office signing event can be conducted at any time prior to your Marriage Celebration Ceremony. You can, of course,  hold your Celebrant led ceremony in a private registered site, however, this can restrict you to dates, availability of the Registrar and potentially small rooms, and not allow you to celebrate fully the way you really want to, so why not look for a place that can really transform your ceremony and make it unforgettable.

Many couples believe that marriage is more than just signing the legal piece of paper, and are looking for a more meaningful, intimate and personal ceremony, so choose a Celebrant to help them create their wedding celebration just the way they want it to be.

In a nutshell, you can book and attend your signing only ceremony at the Register office, prior to your personalised Wedding celebration lead by your professional Celebrant, at the personally chosen venue of your choice.

As a bonus, our sister site is offering a special discount for sessions booked to help members of the wedding party prepare to make the ceremony the most amazing one possible. ( ie, public speaking, losing weight etc)

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